Welcome to the National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

The National ELECTRIC FOOBALL Game Museum is the home of the world’s first museum that is entirely devoted to preserving the history of the game and hobby of electric football through its vast collection of electric football game sets, game boards, teams, figures, and media library of printed and digital materials related to the game.

This website is the internet home of the museum and is being provided to showcase and feature the collections, exhibits and displays of the museum as well as those of other members of the ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Community who also share in this love and passion for the game.

It is largely built around the personal collection of our Founder and Curator, Chris LeMay, but also includes many items received through the generous donations of individuals interested in seeing the history of the game preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Our goal is to build a physical museum that is open to the public where the artifacts and collections may be viewed and patrons may experience playing the game and all that makes electric football “the greatest tabletop sports game ever invented”. But for now, we hope that you will enjoy this “virtual” museum and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Shattering preconceived notions, this short film gives a unique insight into the people behind the resurgence of Electric Football. An independent filmmaker’s look at today’s Electric Football products, artists, and competitors. (c) 2015 Porter Street Pictures

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum would like to dedicate this film to the memory of Keith Chalmers who sadly and suddenly passed away in 2019.