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The best source for all your electric football needs.

Screenshot 2021-12-20 144611 The New Tudor Games Forum was created in March of 2020 and enjoys moderate participation mostly for those who do not participate on social media platforms. 

The history of electric football and Tudor Games
ITZ Electric Football Game Accessories
Electric football figures, bases, tweaking tools, etc…
The Gridiron Buzz Network is the premier broadcast network for miniature football. Yes, we said miniature football like the game from your childhood in the 70’s! It is back and stronger than ever. Check out the latest products and see how far we have advanced!
Glenn Mishoe’s Electric Football Website

Electric Football Archives Electric-Football-logo-banner-780x221

This is the old Tudor Games Forum that was owned and maintained by Miggle Toys / Tudor Games from at least February of 2006 through April of 2015. Originally started by Miggle Toys in 1996 it was the place to go for all your electric football information and the opportunity to chat with others of the ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Community. Sometime prior to February of 2006, the forum was compromised and had to be shut down and rebooted. A lot of very good information was lost.  With the creation and growing popularity of the Miniature Football Coaches Association’s (MFCA’s) forum, participation on the Tudor Games Forum came to almost a complete standstill. Although currently participation and the search function are inactive, you may still browse the information contained on this forum. Still a very good reference source and interesting read.  

Electric Football Archive

A dynamic new ELECTRIC FOOTBALL League based in Charlotte, NC
The Brawlin” Shrimp Electric Football

Rick’s Electric Football Fun

Hello and welcome!
Hi there beginners and advanced beginners’ like myself new coaches old coaches I welcome all electric football lovers check out my website there is a lot to see so take your time browse around an I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

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