The game that was the predecessor to Electric Football

According to “The Unforgettable Buzz” Electric Football was adapted from a previous game made by Tudor using an electro-magnetic relay device, the vibrating electric horse race game which evolved from Tudor’s 1937 Electric Auto Race.   This is the game made from Patent # 2167985 Recently, I was able to purchase one of these games from…

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Tabletop Touchdown

Local Dads Bring Game from Childhood to the Next Generation The following article appeared in a recent issue of “Wingspan” a publication of Nixa Highschool in Nixa, Missouri.

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A Letter to Miggle Toys

In Miggle Toy’s newsletter “Plugged In!”, they often would publish letters that they had received from electric football game players and hobbyist.

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The New TUDOR GAMES 2012

In February 2012 Miggle Toys /Tudor Games was sold to a Seattle based company, Ballpark Classics, owned by Doug Strohm. The new games made by the new Tudor Games introduced a new logo, game board and box graphics.

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