Museum receives Donation!!

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum would like to acknowledge Ryan Gregerson for this generous donation of teams and figures to the Museum. 12 pre-painted Tudor regular size figures, 2 sets each of Haiti Repro Red (HT-11-R), Haiti Repro White (HT-11-W) and 1 set of “Mean 13” (HT-13-W) figures. 17 sets of teams all together. These teams will be used to demonstrate the game to kids and as giveaway teams to kids and youth leagues. 

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The things that tell the Story of Electric Football

So, a couple of weeks ago I made a post featuring Patrick Moore and the Buzzball World Championship Trophy and participation name tags that he donated to the Museum.

Last week I won an eBay auction for some other very interesting items that are important to telling the history of electric football. 

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