The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization chartered in the State of Tennessee with the specific purpose of educating the public about the game of Electric Football.

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum will consist of
• collections of original mass-produced game sets to include the game boards with all accessories, teams and rule books from all commercial manufacturers of the game.
• examples of improvements in technology to the game boards and accessories to play the game developed by all commercial manufacturers.
• examples of improvements made by individuals to enhance the play of the game.
• examples of customizations to original game boards and accessories made by individuals.
• a library of all media materials that relate to the game.
• a retail outlet store to sell the games, accessories and media materials that relate to the game.

There are currently 7 Charter Members of the Board of Directors hand picked  for their particular interest in electric football and career skill sets and experiences. 

Charter Members since 2019

Executive Board Members:

Chris LeMay – President / Treasurer: Founder, Creator and Current Curator. Electric Football player, collector, hobbyist and enthusiasts.  Experiences in Retail Management for over 20 years and 14 years in the Museum Exhibit Fabrication and Installation industry (now retired). Spring Hill, TN

My Story  

AK (Anthony) Fox – Secretary: Electric football player and collector.  CEO of a nonprofit mental health organization in Nashville, TN. Morrison, TN

Board Members:

Roger and Dustyn Fisher: Father and son team of electric football players, collectors and promoters of the game. Their GRIDIRON BUZZ NETWORK (GBN) is an online streaming and video service of electric football league and tournament action throughout the United States. Clarksville, TN and Gallatin, TN 

Brian Fox (2019 – 2022): Electric football player and collector, Bowling Green, KY. 

Lynn “Weirdwolf” Schmidt: Electric football player, collector, and hobby enthusiast. Founder, creator and former Board President of the Miniature Football Coaches Association (MFCA). Parkville, MO 

Chris Bopst: Electric football player, hobbyists and enthusiast. Organizer of the “Electric Football Art Show” exhibited in Richmond, VA for two years (2013 & 2015).  College Park, MD. 

Villon Worthy: Electric football hobbyist.  Winston-Salem, NC. 

Added December 2020: 

William O’Connell: Electric Football player and hobbyist. Founder of the Long Island Electric Football League. Professor of Communication, Suffolk County Community College. Holtsville, NY 

Added January 2021:

Kenneth Allen: Electric Football player and hobbyist, MFCA board member and administrator of the MFCA Facebook Group Page. 

Glenn Mishoe: Electric Football collector and hobbyist

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