Collections Gallery

Here is where you will find information regarding the collections of the museum. I am in the process of photographing and documenting the Game Board Collection and the Team and Figure Collection. I will post updates and links as they become available.

The “Cliff Mitchell” Collection is a collection of teams and an NFL Superbowl Game formerly owned by a local collector.

dsc00075-1Tudor AFL NFL Electric SUPER BOWL Model # 630

1969 Tudor Electric Football Model #500
ABC Monday Night Football
Gotham G-880 Instructions and Figures
1987 Broncos Giants Super Bowl XXI
1971 Tudor NFL Electric Football – Lions Vs. Rams
1966 Tudor Sports Classic Model #600 – fiberboard playing surface , standard figures

Miscellaneous Game Boards

1971 Tudor Model #510 Chiefs and Colts
Gotham “Joe Namath” G-812
1970 “Coleco Pro-Stars Electric Action Football” Game
1968 Otasco Super Bowl Electric Football
2013 Excalibur Electronics – Toys R Us – Pavilion Vibrating Football Game
Figures Collection
Game Collections
Team Collections
Board Game Collection
International Soccer Challenge

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