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This collection features the figures of electric football, from the first 2 dimensional stamped metal and polystyrene figures to the modern day 3d injection molded figures and 3d printed figures. 

The following are examples of the the basic stock figures available from the various manufactures of electric football games such as Tudor, Coleco and Munro from the Vintage period of 1949 – 1989, Miggle Toys, Playtime and Excalibur Electronics from the modern period of 1991 – 2010.             

Original 1949 stamped metal “crouched lineman” figures made by Tudor Metal products. Bases are also metal with metal reeds slanted to the rear to provide the forward motion of the figures. Also pictured is an original “spring loaded” Triple Threat Quarterback which could “run, pass and kick” a felt football. These figures were also sometimes made of polystyrene plastic. Figures of this type were available in Tudor’s original Model# 500 from 1949 – 1953.
Tudor polystyrene 2d figures in “crouching lineman” and “stiff arming” running back poses. Originally produced in 1954 these were the figures available in Tudor Model #500 games from 1954 to 1960. The reeds for movement were now being made of thin acrylic plastic inserted into the base of the figure.
Gotham 2d polystyrene lineman and running back figures. Originally produced for the Gotham Stamped Metal Corp. model G-880 electric football games. Also known as “Martian” figures they could be interchanged with the separate base that featured the same thin acrylic reeds used on Tudor’s bases. These were included in Gotham’s game sets from 1954 to 1961.
Gotham figures produced 1961 to ? Modeled in 3 poses “folded arm guards”, “spread arm ends” and “high stepping backs”. 3 colors Red, light Blue and White on Brown or Green bases. bases also have a metal plate to “catch” a magnetic ball , thrown or kicked by a QB that can pass or kick.
Tudors 1961- 1963 “gorilla” figures. 4 poses and a new “triple threat QB” with spring action leg. Forerunners to the “Fab 5”. Originally molded in yellow plastic., these have been painted.

An excellent collection of Tudor “Gorilla” figures. Owned by J. E. Gibbi. Photos by J. E. Gibbi. 

The Tudor original “Fab 5” larger “standard” figures. One piece figure and base molded in white and yellow plastic. Tudor began production of these figures in 1964 and continued their production through 1969.
Tudor “deluxe” “fab 5” figures, yellow and white plastic. Tudor began production of these figures in 1967 with the original “67 Big man” figures. There are several variations or these figures but the “Fab 5” poses of “guard, tackle, TE/QB, end and back” have remained the same and are the most popular figures still in production. These are also the figures used by Tudor when they obtained the NFL license to paint teams in NFL and AFL “Official team colors”. The yellow or “amber” figures were often used for teams that had gold color paints such as the PACKERS, REDSKINS, and STEELERS.
Tudor “Fab 5” figures in white, yellow and red plastic. Tudor generic game sets (not NFL) were provided with these figures in combinations of “white and yellow”, “white and red”, or “yellow and red”.
Miggle Toys / Tudor games yellow and red plastic solid platform “fab 5” figures. Before Miggle Toys acquired Tudor players had holes in the platforms to accommodate the “single clip” bases.
Red and blue plastic Miggle figures from a “Snickers Shock Zone” game set.
Smaller “Power Pro” white and red plastic figures from a Miggle “battery operated” game set.
“Playtime” electric football figures. Red and light blue plastic. Produced some time between 1990 and 1993.
2007 Excalibur Electronics “Vibrating Football” figures with bases. 5 poses designated as OL (Offensive Lineman), WR1, WR 2 (Wide Receiver 1 and 2) RB1, RB2 (Runningback 1 and 2). A full 13 player team set consiststs of 5 OL, and 2 each of the RB1, RB2, WR1 and WR2 figures. Licensed by the NFL, they are painted to represent an AFC team (red and white uniforms) and an NFC team ( blue and white uniforms). Game sets included an order form to order NFL teams in Official Dark jersey uniforms. but as far as is know, NFL teams were never produced. Excalibur Electronics only produced the games for one year. or “Reggie Figures” are the stock figures produced by Electric Football Legend Reginald Rutledge. Originally produced in the early 2000’s these were some of the first figures available other than figures form Tudor. They came in bags of 24 individually posed action figures. They are injection molded and manufactured in China.    

Tudor Games Uni-Forms Circa 2021

In September of 2021 Tudor Games introduced Uni-Forms, a vinyl sticker that wraps around the figures eliminating the need to paint the figures and gives Tudor greater flexibility in satisfying consumer demand for current team NFL uniforms. Included in every box is the stickers needed to field an 11-player team of “Fab 5” figures with pre-painted bases and skin tones, application tools and instructions.      

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