Game Collections

The Game Collections is a collection of game sets that are in mint, near mint, complete or near complete condition with game boards, teams and all accessories that would have been included in the game when it was purchased.

Electric football games were meant to be played with. To find one in a mint or near mint condition is almost impossible and very rare.  A complete or near complete game set is not quite as hard to find but still rare.

To be considered mint condition, the box would have to be unopened and show no signs of wear and all original contents would have to be still in their original UNOPENED packaged condition. To be in a near mint condition it may be opened but all contents would have to be original to that particular game set and still in original un-played with condition.

To be in a complete condition a game would have to include the original box, game board, teams and all accessories. It obviously has been opened and played with but still contains all original parts. To be in a near complete condition, it should still be in the original packaging and contain a majority of the original parts.

We are fortunate to have several vintage games (originally produced prior to 1991) that are in near complete condition and several modern games (produced after 1991) that are in near mint condition.

Vintage – 1967 Tudor NFL Electric Football Model 620 Browns and Giants.
Vintage – 1967 Tudor NFL Electric Football Model 510 Packers and Colts.
Vintage – 1969 Tudor AFL Electric Football Model 520 Chiefs and Jets.
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