The Cliff Mitchell Collection

DSC00003The “Cliff Mitchell” collection is a Tudor Games NFL SUPER BOWL Model # 660 featuring the teams of  Super Bowl XII (Cowboys and Broncos). There is a question of which teams were actually included with this game since the Cowboys and Broncos are pictured on the box but the score of Super Bowl XIII (Cowboys vs. Steelers) is printed on the box and the location of Super Bowl XIV  is included.

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The rule book that was included with this game is copyrighted 1987 and several of the teams are from the Miggle Toys era. So likely this is a collection accumulated over at least a 10 year period. I call it the “Cliff Mitchell” collection because that is who it was purchsed from and whose name appears on the shipping labels and 1989 packing slip.  

The basic “Game Set” is a model #660 NFL SUPER BOWL AFC vs. NFC game board. The original switch has been replaced with an inline lamp cord switch. 

The 3 shipping boxes are original Tudor boxes and contained the Game set accessories, what I believe to be the original Broncos and Cowboys teams with TTC Bases,A Vikings team, a rule book dated 1987, Tudor promotional flyers, sets of stick on numbers, original team bags, and a packing slip dated 11/27/89. What is most interesting about the packing slip is the company indentification and addresses.

“Carter  Mfg: A Superior Co. 2020 Harrison Ave, Chicago, IL” and “Tudor – A Superior Co., 3417 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL” indicting that this was the time period after Tudor Games was sold to the Superior Co. and prior to their bankruptcy and subsequint sale to Miggle Toys.   

The Converse shoe box contained all the remaing teams in Zip-Lock bags. Most of these teams I believe are from the period 1980 – 1989 with a few Miggle era teams (after 1993). It is very hard to acurately date these items but I believe teams that were made to accept single clip bases were no longer produced after 1989. 

To date, this is the single largest collection(outside of my personal collection) specifically purchased for inclusion in the Museum’s Collection. You can download the complete inventory and description of this collection below. 

The Cliff Mitchell Collection

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