Pavilion Vibrating Football Game

2013 Excalibur Electronics – Toys R-Us Pavilion Vibrating Football Game

This Pavilion Vibrating Football Game is a Toys R Us branded smaller scale version of the Excalibur Electronics games produced in 2007. It is a complete near mint condition game set. All original packaging, opened for photographing only. 

The figures are red and blue plastic tabbed into a green plastic platform. The green plastic bases are of the “rookie” regular and “TTC” dial bases type originally made by Tudor Games. The TTQB figures are a total knockoff of Tudor’s TTQB design. The foam rubber balls very thin and very cheaply made. The Goal posts, First Down Chains and Yardage marker are very durable plastic and magnetized to stay in place when the game is running. 

The game board is battery operated, powered by 3 AAA batteries with push button dual speed control option. It is in good working condition but the performance of the bases and speeds of the game board  very poor.  

Still, though, a very valuable “artifact” of the museum and deserving of its rightful place in the history of electric football. 

2013 Pavilion Vibrating Rule Book
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