Tudor AFL NFL ELectric Super Bowl

Tudor AFL NFL Electric Football Superbowl Model #633 “Super Bowl III Jets vs. Colts”

This set was purchased sight unseen. It is not in the best condition, but it was a game set that I did not have at the time and considered to be one of the most valuable and sought after game sets. It has one leg corner broken, the orignal power switch has been removed and it has several dents. Overall though, decent condition and usable possibly for a wall hanging display. 

Accessories are included but missing parts. The score board does have some mold and missing some tean name inserts. The scoring discs are included. The scoreboard only shows the 16 NFL teams and the team names are NFL prior to the merger, so not sure that AFL team names were even originally included with this set. The rule books does appear to be the original 1970 rule book.  

The best thing about this collection is that the original “67 Big Man” Jets in white jersey uniforms and Colts in Dark Jersey uniforms are included with the original single clip bases and the original white TTBQ’s.  

This is the game that was ranked #2 on “The Unforgettable Buzz” ‘s Top 20 Electric Football Games. 

One thought on “Tudor AFL NFL ELectric Super Bowl”

  1. My favorite of all the tudor games….namath and the jets changed pro football forever…gave the afl the respect it deserved and tudor made history by producing the first super bowl for electric football…great impact on both fronts.


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