Misc. Game boards

This is just a couple of game boards in the collection. Not in great shape but still good examples of games from the time period of 1971 – 1989. 

Probably a 1980 Super Bowl XVI game. The Rule Book is dated 1980.  660 or 664 (as indicated by ink stamp on underside of the game board. Box in poor shape (ripped , holes and creases), Cowboys and Broncos (Super Bowl XII) but the score of Super Bowl XVI between the Steelers and Rams is printed indicating a date of 1980. the game board is warped with several dents and scratches.    

Possibly a 1972 Sears Model #630. The design of the game board and scoreboard match that of what is pictured in the 1972 Sears Wishbook. It is also stamped as a #630 on the back opf the box and has a Sears label on it.   ( ref. “The Electric Football Wishbook” by Earl Shores / Roddy Garcia/ Michael Kronenberg)   

Tudor NFL Super Bowl 660 / 664 game board only in good condition. 

Munro Canadian Model 90541 “Vibra – Action Football”. Metal playing surface. Stadium grandstand included. “Play Action” control rods and a unique timer system.  

1972 Munro “Joe Namath Day / Nite Football” Model 4203. Fiberboard playing surface. 

1997 Miggle Toys / Tudor Games “SNICKERS Shock Zone” Promotional Electric Football Game. 

1997 Miggle Toys / Tudor Games “BUDWEISER Electric Football League” Game Set. 

A 1971? Tudor Model #618 with scoreboard. 

1964 Tudor Model 500. The first to feature the “New Exclusive Timer”. 

Tudor NFL Electric Football Model #520. Not sure of the date of manufacture. Does feature a newer corner design.  Rams and Cowboys on cover.

1972 Tudor Official Electric Football Model #500. Missing and broken parts. 2 complete teams of yellow (one broken arm RB)  and white players with TTC bases.  

Tudor NFL Electric Football Model #645, “Cowboys and Redskins”, Total Team Control. Gameboard – Good Condition (Switch removed). Box – Very Poor Condition. Scoreboard included but no Scoring Discs or knobs.  Box marked “To Ken From Santa”.    

Tudor NFL American Conference Electric Football Model #610. “Browns vs. Bengals”. Game board – Good Condition (One broken leg corner) . Box -Extremely Poor Condition. 

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