1971 Tudor Model 510 NFL American Conference Colts and Chiefs

Box marked as  “Colts & Chiefs INSIDE”. The box lid is in very rough condition but the game board in good condition with some minor dents and scratches.    

Very rare Tudor “bag” in very good condition. 

Several of the accessories are missing but overall in good condition. The grandstand scoreboard is designed to stand alone behind the game board rather than using scoreboard clips. Several of the team name inserts are missing.  

The post are of the H-Style design and Slingshot design and can be placed over the goal line (professional rules in 1971) or at the end of the end zone (college rules).  

TTQB’s are of the white “Big Head” variety. The teams are complete and original with original “single clip” bases. One Chiefs TE/QB figure has a broken arm that can be repaired. 

Overall, this game set is a very good example of this particular model. 

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