EF Artist and Solitaire Coach Ron Mango

Ron Mango began playing electric football at the age of 12 in 1977 with three teams – The Chiefs, Browns, and Packers . Since then he has continued to play a solitaire league that is in its 87th Season with all 32 NFL teams.

Ron as a teen with his first electric football game and as an adult with his current stadium setup.   

Ron plays his solitaire games in this elaborate stadium that enhances his game day experience to the max!!!

Ron’s Stadium setup

The best thing about Ron’s Solitaire League is that he completely hand paints all his teams – the helmet logos, uniform stripes and numerals. NO DECALS!!!

In addition to his electric football hobby, Ron is also a very accomplished artist in other mediums. Here are some examples of Ron’s other artwork. 

Recently Ron donated this hand painted Tennessee Titans team display and his solitiare league record book to the Museum.  

You can download a pdf file of his solitaire league record book below. 

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