Misc. Football Board Games

This is a collection of football board games made by various manufactures. Football board games have been around a lot longer than electric football games and presented several different ways to simulate a game of football mostly using spinners, dice and/or charts to give random results.

These games often feature elements that can be used to enhance the game play of electric football games.

“Retro Football Games” is a book written by Steve Anderson and published in 2014.  It features many of the games pictured below and even has a section on electric football games. 

1954 Cadeco FOTO-ELECTRIC Football

Foto-Electric Football was originally invented by Alan LeMay (no relation that I know of).  Its “electric” only because it utilized an electric light bulb to illuminate the screen in which the play cards are inserted. 

2020-08-19 001Rules

Annotation 2020-08-20 202625Patent 2260467

NBC Pro Playoff

NBC Pro Playoff is manufactured by Hasbro. One of a family of games that features the game board laminated in plastic that wraps around the box containing the game components. Plays much like the Cadeco Foto-Electric Football game in that defensive play cards overlay offensive play cards and a result is shown by where movement of the ball carrier intersects movements by the defense.  A spinner shows the results for kickoffs, onside kicks, punts, field goals and extra points. 

Thinking Man’s Football
Challenge Football
Adam Games Football
Play Action Football
Ideal All-Pro Football
Cadeco Pro Foto-Football
Cadeco Pro Football Hall of Fame – Foto-Electric Football
Cadeco National Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Foto-Electric Football
Close up of the Spinners from a Cadeco Foto-Electric Football Game
All-American Football Game
Aurora “Roger Staubach” ABC Monday Night Football
Bilt-Right Sports-O-Rama Game Chest

4 Complete Sports Games -Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf. 

Varsity – The Scientific Football Game
Fuba-Roo Football Game
NFL Franchise
VCR College Bowl Game
The VCR Quarterback Game
NFL Football Trivia Game – A VCR Game
NFL Armchair Quarterback
NFL Game Day
NFL Rush Zone
The Coach’s Game
Volunteer Football Challenge
Clutch Football
Cowboys Checkers

This game plays like checkers with game pieces that are actually Gumball Helmets. This particular game features the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers.   

ABC Monday Night Football Interactive TV Card Game
“GO LONG!” Football Dice Game
APBA NFL PRO BOWL EDITION Stats and Strategy Game
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