Misc. Football Board Games

This is a collection of football board games made by various manufactures. Football board games have been around a lot longer than electric football games and presented several different ways to simulate a game of football mostly using spinners, dice and/or charts to give random results.

1954 Cadeco FOTO-ELECTRIC Football

Foto-Electric Football was originally invented by Alan LeMay (no relation that I know of).  Its “electric” only because it utilized an electric light bulb to illuminate the screen in which the play cards are inserted. 

2020-08-19 001Rules

Annotation 2020-08-20 202625Patent 2260467

NBC Pro Playoff

NBC Pro Playoff is manufactured by Hasbro. One of a family of games that features the game board laminated in plastic that wraps around the box contaoming the game components. Plays much like the Cadeco Foto-Electric Football game in that defensive play cards overlay offensive play cards and a result is shown by where movement of the ball carrier intersects movements by the defense.  A spinner shows the results for kickoffs,onside kicks, punts, field goals and extra points. 

Thinking Man’s Football
Challenge Football
Adam Games Football
Play Action Football