The Brian D Wittkop SR Memorial Page

Brian Wittkop, aka Wolverine to the Electric Football Community, was an avid U of Michigan fan, collector and player of electric football, mostly as a solitaire coach. I recently found this YouTube Channel of videos made by Brian. wolverine58 – YouTube.  Sadly, Brian passed away in December of 2019. 

I mainly just wanted to highlight some of the the electric football videos made by Brian for his Northern Michigan ELECTRIC FOOTBALL League on this page, but I would also encourage you to visit his YouTube Channel  for some other great videos. 

Brian was the subject of the featured Cover story of the November 2013 (Volume 2 Issue 1) issue of Solitaire Illustrated as well as being featured in this issue of Plugged In!!

SI Volume 2 Issue 1

You can download a copy of this issue here. 

You can also still visit his Northern Michigan EFL website. 

Brain was a very good friend and well respected in The Electric Football Community. He was truly a “Legend of the Game”.  

I am in the process of creating a historical preservation document featuring the Northern Michigan EFL. You can download Volumes 1 and 2 below.  

A very rare promotional game board produced by Miggle Toys circa 1999

Here are some photos of a very rare promotional game board produced by Miggle Toys in the late 1990’s  or early 2000’s that was owned by Brian. Miggle produced several of these types of promotional game boards that were only available through give-aways.  

After Brian passed, his wife, Patti, began to sell some of his collection of game boards and teams. We were able to track down part of this collection, now owned by Joe Legal of Louisville, KY. Joe was kind enough to loan us this collection of Miggle Toys / Tudor Games NCAA licensed teams to photo and document. 

These teams are “mint condition”, never been opened, sealed in original packaging. Some are the regular size figures, labeled as “Team NCAA” and some are “Proline” 67 Big Man Figures. All made in China and produced circa 2000 – 2010. 

Teams in this collection are: 

Tennessee D 5-66-D (DJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Florida St D 5-53-D (DJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Purdue ST D 5-65-D (DJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Purdue ST W 5-65-W (WJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Alabama D 5-50-D (DJ/WS) – 2 Teams

 Florida W 5-52-W (WJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Florida D 67-52-D (DJ/WS/Stamped Helmet)

Alabama W 67-50-W (WJ/WS)

USC D 67-79-D (DJ/BS/Stamped Helmet)

Ohio State W 67-73-W (WJ/BS)  

Teams in this collection provided by Joe Legal / Photography by Chris LeMay

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