The Greg Carter Collection

Tudor Model 633 Super Bowl IV – VIkings vs. Chiefs (from the collection of Greg Carter – photo by Greg Carter)

Greg Carter is a long time collector of electric football games. Recently Greg posted some photos of his collection on the Miniature Football Coaches Association (MFCA) FB group page.

I first learned about this collection from another collectors website, CA Panther Electric Football .

Greg has graciously allowed the NEFGM to add these photos of his collection to the museum’s Collector’s Gallery

Below is a list of the boards in Greg’s collection. Not all are pictured above.
“Wish I could recall when and where they all came from. Not all were complete when I got them. Listed beside the games are the teams that were originally supposed to be included according to the boxes. The number in parentheses means there are multiple of the same game.”
Model 630 Super Bowl III, Jets v Colts
Model 630 Super Bowl IV, Vikings v Chiefs (2)
Model 630 Super Bowl V, Colts v Cowboys
Model 630 Super Bowl VI, Cowboys v Dolphins 
Model 630 Super Bowl VII, Dolphins v Redskins
Model 620 Super Bowl XI, Vikings v Raiders (2)
Model 655 Championship, Dolphins v Steelers, Cowboys v Vikings
Model 655 Championship, Dolphins v Raiders, Cowboys v Redskins (has 645 rails)
Model 645 Championship, Bears v Packers
Model 645 Championship, Packers v Dolphins
Model 640 NFL, Redskins v Raiders (SB VII field w/645 rails)
Model 627 NFL, Colts-Vikings-49rs (Montgomery Wards Exclusive)
Model 620 NFL, Browns v Giants (grass field) (2)
Model 620 NFC, Rams v Eagles (2)
Model 610 AFC, Jets v Browns
Model 610 NFL, Chiefs-Browns-Rams (Montgomery Wards)
Model 660 Super Bowl XIV, Rams v Steelers
Model 6072 Super Bowl XXXII, Broncos v Packers
Model 635 NFL, Bengals v Browns
Model 635 NFL, Chiefs v Cowboys
Model 620 Super Bowl XII, Cowboys v Broncos
Model 618 NFL, Cardinals v Bears
Model 617 NFL, Jets v Cowboys
Model 600, Chiefs v Vikings (cut down 645 end rails & 627 side rails with generic field)
Model 600 College, (generic white & amber teams)
Model 6071 Cotton Bowl 
Model 6071 Snickers Shock Zone
Gotham Joe Namath
Munro Model 4320 Joe Namath
Coleco Pro Stars Model 5765
Model 500 Tru Action (3, one with original metal die cut players)
Excalibur Model NF-07 NFL
I always like adding some personal information about the people who play and collect electric football. Below is some information that Greg was kind enough to provide about himself and his experiences with electric football. 
“I’ll try not to take too much time about me, but I’ll give you a little background on how the board collection came to be.
First of all, born and raised and still living in Nebraska. Married with 2 boys. 
My electric football passion story is pretty common. My father had a Model 500 Tru Action game that he got in college in the late 50’s. I’d play it all the time even without his knowledge. Then Christmas 1980 came, and I got the greatest Christmas gift ever. A Model 660 Super Bowl game with the Rams and Steelers. I still have this game, it’s the same as the one in the picture you have. There’s even a picture of me playing it on the Tudor Games website in the history section. I also still have dad’s 500. 
Fast forward to mid to late 90s. eBay came along, and I found a whole new world of electric football. I won an auction for a model 620 grass field. Thought it was the same as my 660 but when it arrived, I was in awe of the size. Never knew there were so many different games. Right then I became infatuated with the big boards. The best part was I became online friends with the seller. Charles Angell (capanther). He was my mentor on the vast variety of boards, figures and the history of electric football. Got a couple of other boards from him too. Most boards came from eBay, and I tried to get every different board possible even if it was a variation of one, I already had. It kind of got out of hand so I finally decided enough was enough. 
That’s when I turned my interests to figures. Especially those produced in Haiti. Have all 28 teams in home and away unis. Also have all NFL teams produced in China. Over 75 personally hand painted college teams and a bunch of other teams from different eras. Plus, I’ve built 3 boards as well.
Anyway, that’s basically how it started. My youngest son is somewhat involved too so hopefully he will be interested in taking over the collection in the future. If not guess it could be my retirement package. Haha.
Sorry to bore you with my long-windedness but that’s the jist of it.
Thanks for doing what you do for the efl community. Keeping the dreams and memories alive for those of us who are obsessed with it.
Thanks again!

Here are some pics that Greg recently posted of a solitaire game on a custom built “Orange Bowl” game board between his “Texas Longhorns” and “South Carolina Gamecocks” won by Texas 3-0.  

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