The Miniature Football Coaches Association

Original logo of the MFCA (circa 2007)

The Miniature Football Coaches Association (MFCA) is a group of electric football coaches, hobbyists and enthusiasts  with over 2300 Facebook followers world wide. It was founded in 2007  with the following mission statement: “Unifying the miniature football hobbyist by promoting miniature football, educating the public and providing a unified association which recognizes and supports the diverse coaches and leagues.” Originally, the MFCA was organized as a 501(c)(7) non profit organization. It was governed by by-laws and a board of directors and required a paid membership fee to be an “official” member of the organization.

The original website ( still exists but has not been updated since 2018. Most of the links on the page are no longer active.  However you can still join in the fellowship of the MFCA by joining this group on Facebook. 

“The MFCA is the Facebook home for Electric Football’s Coaches, Gamers, Hobbyists, Collectors and Do-It-Yourselfers! Welcome to this group! This page is run by you, the Electric Football Fan. We look forward to seeing your collection, projects, events, leagues and games, solitaire games, photos, rules, DIY tips or anything that is related directly to Electric Football.”

New MFCA logo

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This page is being provided as a historical record of the original MFCA . In our archives our many documents that have been preserved by NEFGM Founder and Curator, Chris LeMay, who served as an MFCA Board member for 5 years (2008 – 2013).  

To get started learning more about the original MFCA visit our NEFGM Library and download copies of “The Tweak”  “The Official Magazine of the MFCA” the-tweak-cd-cover-2

2013 Downloadable Brochure

MFCA Promotional Trading Cards Gallery (circa 2013)

The MFCA Gold Shirt Club

The preceding document is a copy of the presentation provided by Ray Fanara who served as the Chariman of the MFCA’s Hall of Fame Committee. Thanks to Ray for providing this document. 

The MFCA was originally formed as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in 2007 with Lynn Schmidt as the principle officer and, according to, maintained that status through 2018. As of today that status has not been maintained. 

On January 2,2019, this post was made by Elgin Clemons on the MFCA Facebook Page  regarding the status of the MFCA:

Good Evening EF Family,

The year is come to a close and reflecting back we had some wins and some losses.

The TOC was able to make a successful transition and is growing which is a great thing. But we also had our losses Edwin Hinton passed and was a loss to the hobby.

I want to introduce Myself as I have met a lot of coach’s in person and on facebook but there so many that I have not.. My name is Elgin Clemons and I live in Tampa Florida. As of a couple months ago I was able to take over the MFCA from Lynn and as of this week I have take over the Facebook page “The Center”

There are a couple of announcements that I want to make, the MFCA site will be redone and I want to Make it a major active hub for the hobby again. I have some great things in store for the site revise and some new thing that I am sure hobby is going to love. I am in the process of getting the 501 c7 non profit set up and finalizing the board. The board has been selected but that will be announced next month. We will be bring back the Hall of Fame and the criteria for nomination and inductions. The enshrinement will take place at our newly formed Championship event “League of Champions” championship. More details will be coming after the first of the year.

We are going to Take the Facebook page “The Center” back to the MFCA shortly after the new year. The New MFCA will be here to create community and to foster positive growth in the hobby. We will be a platform where coach’s can have a voice about the hobby we all love. We are not here to compete with the TOC they are our brothers and we want help them grow and continue to bring Great events to the hobby. We have seen the mistakes and now we will work forward with a better understanding of how things need to operate to be a successful organization. For our tournament we will also adapted the TOC rules as we feel it important for the hobby to push for a universal set of rules.  We will work independently of the TOC but also work with them to help create a healthy and prosperous EF hobby that we can build and support for the betterment of the hobby. I like to think of the TOC as the NFL and we are the players union.I want to send a special Thanks to Lynn for trusting me with the brand and passing me the torch. His work and effort can’t  be denied and should never be under appreciated because he talk the talk but more Important he walk the walk. And for that he will forever have his chapter in EF History, Thanks Lynn for all that  have contributed to the hobby. (Now you can get back on the board hard). There will be more details that will released that will answer a lot of questions. Until then keep Cracking Plastic! Thank.”

Elgin Clemons


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