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Here I will add videos and links to miscellaneous videos found on the internet and YouTube.  These videos are mostly found on YouTube channels that are not specifically related to electric football but feature electric football videos. 

NFL Electric Football comes with 85 pieces for customizing your own football field game board and playing out a football game using the board’s vibrations. Customize your board using any of the 32 NFL team stickers. Then, place your 11 white football team figures and 11 red football team figures on the board. Each team also gets a quarterback/place kicker figure. Turn on the board and use the controller to adjust the speed level of the vibrations. The vibrations cause the players to move around the board. The players also have two different cleats: one is solid and the other is two pieces. Each cleat will move your player in a different way, so if you want your running back to go a little faster, you’ll want to arrange the cleats that way. NFL Electric Football also comes with goal posts, yardstick markers, and other accessories that mimic what you see at a real football game

Rare UK edition of the electric NFL Super Bowl game, published by Peter Pan Playthings. An electric motor vibrates the metal playing area and the players direction can be programmed by adjusting the direction of little prongs under the base of the figures. Just watch No 44 make a 45 yard run!

ELECTRIC FOOTBALL IS BACK! Tudor Games re-imagines the game you remember and improves upon it in every way.

Red Zone Electric Football: Today we look at a game that feels like it has been around almost as long as football. Electric Football by Tudor Games uses a vibrating football field to simulate the action of players running, blocking and tackling. No apps, no complex programs – just little football player, vibrations, strategy, luck and fun! Coming for the Fall 2014 NFL Season is an all new NFL licensed Electric Football game, so that should be cool.

Here is more information on Red Zone Electric Football – Red Zone Electric Football™ 9071 With SpeedTurf™ Field and PlayAction™ Remote Control Twenty-two 3D football action figures move independently on a fully detailed scale model SpeedTurf™ football field. Compete head to head or play solo in America’s favorite tabletop football game. Offense runs plays, throws passes and kicks using quarterback figures. PlayAction™ remote gives precise control over speed of play and new INVISIBASE™ Cleat technology gives complete control of player routes. 

The electric football world championship is set to take place in July here in Kansas City, and one avid Chiefs fan who the Kingdom has seen in the stands at Arrowhead is going to show up with a team unlike any other.

The guys find a workaround for not being able to use NFL footage online, while Larry discusses the extra 1 second from the Auburn / Alabama game in under 10 mins.

KC Blitz – YouTube – Missouri Sports Hall of Famers, Art Hains and Ned Reynolds, host this weekly sports show on the Kansas City Chiefs. Along for the ride, 15 year NFL referee Larry Nemmers joins the gang to talk about controversial calls and penalties in both the NFL and college.

Basic Electric Football Rules E8FL – YouTube

danocatster – YouTube – here is another electric football fan’s YouTube Channel that feature several electric football videos. 

Here is the Independent Electric Football League offical rules video. This video is intended to highlight some of the rules that the IEFL will be using this 2014/15 season. The IEFL is the Independent Electric Football League. The IEFL is based out of Philadelphia, PA. The IEFL plays front of the base tackling, Philly Style!! James Nicholson – YouTube

Electric Football is a pretty fun game, but it can be intimidating for new players. Hopefully, I can help show that it’s easy to get started!

This is a look at the 1986 Super Bowl edition of Electric Football from Tudor Games. The game includes the Super Bowl XX teams which were the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears. It’s a general overview video of the game which surprisingly is still being made today. I only run one play to show how the game works. I realize I didn’t frame it perfectly and I probably should keep my talking hands out of videos more often! The sound is a fraction of the second off too I believe as I sync it with the video during editing but it’s not too noticeable. Sorry about that.

Here is a Classic Electric Football game featuring the San Diego Chargers vs the Tampa Bay Bucs. We are back for 2010 – Eric (Dad) and Darrien (Son) having fun getting back into the groove of electric football again!!

Football One on One – YouTube – A link to the Channel on You tube that features a lot of content related to Electric Football. 

Chris Ladegaard – YouTube – A short series of videos showing how to play electric football. 

zootrex – YouTube – is a short series of videos created by John DiCarlo “larue” of the Charlotte Electric Football League from “Subterranean Stadium”.

PhillyNEFL – YouTube – The YouTube Channel of Corey Johnson and the Philadelphia National EFL. 

A video made by the Pro Football Hall of Fame featuring the 2017 Buckeye Brawl Tournament.

2014 MFCA Hall of Fame Ceremony ( Thanks to “Electric Coach”)

Here is a video demonstrating how the 1940’s Tudor Auto Race Game works. This is the predecessor to electric football that inspired Norman Sas to invent electric football. 


1940’s Tudor Auto Race in operation
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