The NEFGM Used Book Store

Here you will find a selection of used books related to the history and games of Professional Football and College Football. These are from the collection of Museum Founder and Curator, Chris LeMay.

“These books represent the culmination of an over 20 year effort to study and learn as  much about the history of the game that I have such a love and passion for.”    

“Best Shots”

“The Greatest NFL Photography of the Century” with foreword by Joe Namath. Originally published in 1999 by DK Publishing and sold for $30.00. This book is in used condition with some wear of the original dust cover jacket. 162 pages of beautiful, full color, NFL Photography, Hardback – Price includes USPS shipping.


Brian Piccolo – A Short Season

The story of Chicago Bears RB Brian Piccolo who died in 1970 at the age of 26 and subject of the movie “Brian’s Song”. By Jeannie Morris, Copyright 1971, Rand McNally and Company, Seventh Printing 1972. Hard Cover (no dust jacket) Very Good Condition. Text and Photos. Price includes FREE SHIPPING


Paper Lion

“Confessions of a Last String Quarterback” written by George Plimpton about his 1963 experience of going to training camp with the Detroit Lions and trying out as an NFL quarterback. Copyrighted 1963 by The Lyons Press, 1993 edition. Paperback. Very Good Condition, Text only. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING


All Madden

“Hey, I’m Talking Pro Football” written by John Madden with Dave Anderson. A look at professional football through the eyes of a Hall of Fame former NFL Head Coach and NFL Broadcaster. Copyright 1996 by Red Bear INC, Published by HarperCollins Publishers, INC. First Edition. Hardcover w/Dust Jacket. 212 pages. Text only, Very Good Condition. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING


One Knee Equals Two Feet

(And Everything Else You Need to Know About Football) written by John Madden with Dave Anderson. Madden’s first book about professional football, Copyright 1986 by John Madden, INC. Published by Villard Books. Hard Cover w/ Dust Jacket. Good Condition (dust Jacket has a small tear on the back side). 225 pages. Text only. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

(and Other Thoughts from the Road) by John Madden with Dave Anderson. Copyright 1988 by John Madden. Published by Villard Books. First Editon. Hard Cover w/ Dust Jacket. Very Good Condition. Text only, 227 pages. Price includes FREE SHIPPING


Monday Night Mayhem

“The Inside Story of ABC’S Monday Night Football” by Marc Gunther and Bill Carter. Since ABC introduced Monday Night Football in September 1970, Monday nights have never been the same. Copyright 1988 by Marc Gunther and Bill Carter. Published by Beech Tree Books, William Morrow and Company INC. First Edition. 376 pages of Text and Photos. Hard Cover w/ Dust Jacket Good Condition dust jacket shows some wear. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING.


I Never Played the Game

By Howard Cosell with Peter Bonventre “describes his 33 years in broadcasting, the great and not so great sports figures he has seen”. Copyright 1985 by Howard Cosell, Published by William Morrow and Company, INC Hard Cover w/ Dust Jacket Good Condition (Dust jacket has some tears and shows some wear). 380 pages, text only. Price includes FREE SHIPPING.


Cosell by Cosell

“Arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, vain, cruel, verbose, a show-off – I have been called all of these. Of course, I am.” Howard Cosell telling it like it is. By Howard Cosell with Mickey Herskowitz. Copyright 1973 by Howard Cosell. Published by Playboy Press, First Edition. Hard Cover w/ dust jacket. Good Condition (Dust Jacket shows some wear and a few tears.) 399 pages of text with photos. Price includes FREE SHIPPING.


NFL’s Greatest Upsets

“In the NFL expect the unexpected. Here are exciting stories of teams that overcame the odds to win! A DK reader for kids Grade Level 2 to 4. Produced by NFL Publishing Group. Copyright 2000 by Dorling Kindersley, INC. 48 pages of text and photos. Hardcover – Very Good Condition


Great Running Backs of the NFL

By Jack Hand, #5 of the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Library. “The exciting stories of eleven great NFL running backs: Jimmy Brown, Gayle Sayers, Red Grange, Hugh McElhenny, Steve Van Buren, Paul Horning. Jimmy Taylor, Ollie Matson, Joe Perry, Ernie Nevers, Bronco Nagurski. Copyright 1966 by Random House, INC. 184 pages, texts and photos. Hardcover – Good Condition. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING.


Great Defensive Players of the NFL

By Dave Anderson. #7 of the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Library. ” Exciting sketches of twelve of pro football’s most formidable defensive stars: Sam Huff, Willie Davis, Larry Wilson, Tommy Nobis, Gino Marchetti, Bob Lilly, Joe Schmidt, Dave “Deacon” Jones, Chuck Bednarik, Henry Jordan, “Night Train” Lane, Dick Butkis”. 176 pages of text and photos. Hardcover – Good Condition. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING


They Call It a Game

“An indictment of the pro football establishment: how it manipulates and protects its billion-dollar monopoly at the expense of the players and public.” by Bernie Parrish. Parrish is a former NFL defensive back and player-coach with the Cleveland Browns and Houston Oilers (1959 – 1966) Copyright 1971 by Bernard P. Parrish. Pubished by The Dial Press, NY. First printing. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING


Football’s Best Offensive Playbook

Every offensive playbook gives you X’s and O’s. This book provides precisely illustrated plays that are proven point-producers in games. Each of the 100 running, passing, and special plays comes with a clear, accurate diagram that highlight clear key player positions and responsibilities. Strengthen your playlist with help from many of the game’s most successful coaches. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING



A Season in the Sun

“The inside story of Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the making of a Champion.” The extraordinary behind-the-scenes story of how Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came together to deliver one of the most improbable Super Bowl victories in NFL history. Copyright 2021 by Lars Anderson, Harper-Collins Publishers, First Edition Hardcover 253 pages text and photos. Price Includes FREE SHIPPING


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