Tudor Games NFL Licensed Board Games

1970 NFL Strategy Model 100

This game, made in 1970, was designed to “get right into pro football without the usual fumbling with charts, spinners or dice”. It consists of 17 offensive play cards, 12 defensive play cards and 2 special cards for kicks, punts and penalties, and a combination playing field, score board, timer and “NFL Strategy Programmer”. The play cards are color coded for various types of plays. Placing a defensive card over an offensive card shows various results. The cards are placed into the programmer and a “selector bead” flipped to produce a random result from the 15 possible results shown. By reading the yardage the offense advances the ball down the field until they score or are forced to give up possession to the opposing team.       

Included with the game is a “Confidential” Playbook. This is a great learning tool for the student of football with its diagrams of offensive and defensive formations, how and where each may be used to its most advantageous effectiveness. It also has a great section on the study of strategy and tendencies. Tudor produced this game for several years. Pictured below is another edition of this game from 1980.    

1972 NFL Game Plan Model 200

This game was made in 1972. It consists of a game board with result bowl, defensive strategy compartment, scoreboard with timer wheel, playing field, result ball and defense pegs (this game is missing the defense pegs). There are 10 offensive play cards, and a game plan play book. This game is basically just a simpler version of the above NFL Strategy game. In fact in 1974, Tudor produced a game called NFL Strategy, Jr. which is this game updated and renamed. (Photos from an ebay listing).     

NFL Quarterback Model 200

This game was made in the 1970’s (could not find a date for this game, possibly 1977?). Really just another version of the above games. Play cards, defensive cards, kick cards but with a spinner to randomize the play results. The scoreboard is very similar to the scoreboards included with Tudor’s electric football games.   

1975 NFL Power Sweep No. 175

Apparently Tudor needed something to do with its inventory of “Standard” electric football players so they created this “chess” game of football. It consists of a “checkerboard” playing field with 2 teams of yellow and white electric football figures. The 8 lineman across the front line are limited to only moving forward one space at a time (much like the pawns in a game of chess) and the 3 backs may move any direction forward but not back.    

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