Tudor Sports Classic #600

1966 Tudor Sports Classic Model # 600

This game set is a Model #600 Tudor Sports Classic Game set. These sets were originally produced in 1961 and originally contained the “gorilla” figures (figure and base separate as pictured on the box) before switching to the standard figures contained in this set. The original did not have  timer dials as they were not produced until 1964.  

The figures is this set have been painted, complete and in good condition. 

This is also the only fiberboard playing surface model produced by Tudor that I know of. It is held in place by metal clips with rubber pads and there is a metal u channel to support the playing surface. The motor housing on this game is of a type only used on this model.  It also features 10 yard markers printed on the sides of the game board frame unique only to this model.  

One thought on “Tudor Sports Classic #600”

  1. I have an earlier (gorilla figure) version of this set. I bought it on eBay twenty-some years ago in the mid-90s. There’s a nice grass pattern that looks lightly worn to the green of the field. I also have goalpost holes at both the front (NFL) and rear (college) of the end zone. It also has a tin grandstand with cardboard dials for scoring. I actually really like playing on the fiberboard field. No issues with crowning, as you get with the metal fields. Players don’t jump if you drop or knock a guy over during set up.

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