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Here you will find an archive of Videos and Video Content related to Electric Football. Also be sure to check out our page of Misc. Videos

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum YouTube Channel is the Museum’s collection of Videos converted from original VHS tapes, DVD’s  and other video sources that have been donated to the museum as well as Original Video Productions created by and for the museum.

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Here are some interesting electric football commercials from the past.

A commercial made by some students featuring an “Excalibur Electronics – Vibrating Football ” game.

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Electric Football on the Home Shopping Network!

Here are some Commercials that feature ELECTRIC FOOTBALL

The Pittsburgh Electric Football League PEFL (yea you read that right) worked with the Steelers a few years ago to put this series of half-time promos together. Each segment featured the Steelers against the team they were playing at home that week. The clips ran just before halftime on the scoreboard.

Here are some links to YouTube Channels Featuring Electric Football Content.

Screenshot 2021-04-01 091056Tudor Games Electric Football YouTube Channel – Manufacturer of ELECTRIC FOOTBALL

Screenshot 2021-04-01 091419The Unforgettable Buzz on YouTube – The History of Electric Football

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Electric Coach – YouTube – See electric football like you’ve never seen it before. At its best! The Electric Coach is an electric football pioneer.

Play EF – Some great tutorials produced by a fan of ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Screenshot 2021-04-01 092152

EFL – Electric Football League – Vibrating Electric football games for all to enjoy! Screenshot 2021-04-02 121342

How to Electric Football – YouTube – How to electric football will display games, tutorials, product reviews, and league spotlights. If you played electric football as a child or if you’re just discovering the hobby, this page will offer content for you.

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Bryan Nutt – YouTube – Beenutt’s Solitaire Electric Football League games and instructional VideosScreenshot 2021-04-03 084820

Mactele52 – Video Channel of Andy MacLaughlin and his Cat House Electric Football League
Tudor Electric Football Super Show – A Collector’s videos featuring “Box Reveals”

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A series of videos from Daniel Walker – YouTube

Screenshot 2021-04-09 113726

Eltoro49 – YouTube – Features the Calgary Electric Football League. 

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Electric Football Hero – YouTube – This is a channel devoted to the electric football hobby, through the eyes of a casual enthusiast. Learn (or relearn) the game as we explore the basics, rules, painting and customizing figures, and more.

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4th&1 Customizations – YouTube – Channel featuring videos from Big Lock, the Fat 8 Conference and Tri State EFL. 

Here’s a video from Carl Weinberger for modifying Tudor’s goalpost to scale.

“Taking Tudor goalposts and modifying them for size accuracy for a scale field” 

Check out this video from “Coach Kit” and TOEPRO Football.


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