Solitaire League Rules

solitaire-copyElectric Football may be played in many forms. One of the ways that players of the game enjoy electric football is playing solitaire. Solitaire is playing the game with the person playing acting as coach of both teams on the field simultaneously. This is perhaps the most popular way that the game is played.

Here is where you will find various rule sets used by people to play the game solitaire.

Scotty’s Vintage Solitaire Electric Football League Rules Set (VSEFL)

EFHL3rd Edition Rule Book Volume 1

Simplified Solitaire Electric Football Rules 

NFLGTSL Rulebook

2019 Multi-Stop Ruleset

Vancouver Electric Football Network

REFN’s Rule Set

Here is something I found on the Tudor Games Forum: Curt’s Solo Weirdness

Posted on the Tudor Forum 12.8.2022

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