Tournament and League Rules

A collection of Tournament and League Rules that have influenced and impacted the game of electric football.   

The Tournament of Champions

Figure and Base Standards

2014-15 TOC Rules

MFCA TOC Rule Book 2015-16

MFCA TOC Rule Book 2016-17

TOC 2018-2019

TOC 2019-2020

TOC 2020-2021

TOC 2021-2022

Miniature Football Bowl Championship Series

MFBCS 2021 Rules

Miggle Toys Annual Super Bowl and Convention Tournaments
Dixie Miniature Football League

The Dixie MFL was a League and Tournament organized by Bryan Nutt of 

Arena Football League

Yes, for those interested in Arena Football the game can even be adapted to play as electric football. Here is a how it is played by one coach:


Electric Arena Football

757 EFL ‘The Vibe”
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