Innovations of the Game

“The Kicking Game” kick placement cards are designed to simply provide a distance and placement on the field of a kicked ball from a free kick or a kick from scrimmage for your electric football game play.

A deck of 51 cards consists of the following:

  • 3 “Instruction” cards
  • 19 “Kickoff” cards
  • 19 “Punt” cards
  • 5 “Punt from inside midfield” cards
  • 5 “Onside Kick” cards
  • Convenient plastic storage case

Created in 2002 by Chris LeMay to enhance the kickoff and punting  procedures for playing the game of electric football, this deck of cards replaces the use of a TTQB or using spinners, dice and charts. With these cards it is possible to kick or punt the ball to a specific area of the field along with a random distance thus creating more realistic situations for the return of kickoffs and punts. Also, by using the distances provided by these cards, it is possible to kick field goals from up to 63 yards away.

“When I created these cards, it was to provide more realistic kickoffs and punts with the possibility of more realistic returns in my solitaire league game play. My league featured teams of the XFL and playing by the XFL’s new rules of “no fair catches”. Every kickoff and punt had to be returned. Kickoff and Punt returns (special teams play) are some of the most exciting plays in the game and most of the rules being used in electric football regarding special teams play had virtually been eliminated.”

These cards are just one of the many examples of the innovations that have been created to enhance and add realism to the game. Included in the museum’s collection are the original concept design deck of the cards, a deck of the final finished product and the original “Certificate of Registration” filed with the United States Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.

Original Concept Cards
Final Finished Product
Original Certificate of Registration

These cards are now an exclusive product of The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum and only  available for purchase through the NEFGM Store with all proceeds from their sale going to support the museum.

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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