Displaying the past

Yesterday, prior to sitting down to watch the Big Game, I spent the afternoon setting up some game displays. 

Featured are some of the most iconic game sets from the history of the game.

The 1967 Tudor Games NFL Electric Football Model 620 game board with the Giants and Browns. The No. 1 Electric Football game on The Unforgettable Buzz’s Top 20 countdown.

Another 1967 game, the Tudor NFL Electric Football Model 510 game board with the Colts and Packers. This game is no. 14 on the Top 20 Countdown.

Both of these games featured stadium score boards that could show all 16 NFL teams.

In 1968 Tudor came out with its Model 520 AFL game board with the Jets and Chiefs. This game is significant in that it was the only game set to feature 2 AFL teams with the Jets in white uniforms, the only AFL team available in white at the time and the scoreboard that could show all 10 AFL team name.  This game is shows up at no. 8 of the Top 20 Countdown.

Although this game did not make the Top 20 Countdown, It is the first game set to feature a complete wrap around Stadium model. Produced by Miggle in 1997, this ABC Monday Night Football featured MNF logos, NFL helmets and battery operated lights to light the field. This particular Model no. 6072 fields stamped helmet Packers and Buccaneers.    


These games are part of the permanant collection of the museum. With the 2019 football season officially over, I can now put more focus on working on “the museum”, setting up more disiplays and transforming my bonus room “Man Cave” into the temporary home of The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum. 

Oh Yeah, and congratulations to the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, Super Bowl LIV winners and 2019 NFL Champions!!!

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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