1960 Original AFL Teams

1960 AFL Teams Display

One of the things I enjoy most about electric football is painting figures. Electric football figures make great display items and its fun recreating the OLD SCHOOL teams from the past.

Pictured above are figures I recently painted representing the original 1960 American Football League teams. The eight original AFL teams were the Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Texans, Denver Broncos, Houston Oilers, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Titans and Oakland Raiders.

AFL60bThese are the original helmet designs of the teams. The Patriots featured the tri-corner hat worn by Revolutionary War soldiers. The Texans had the state of Texas with a gold star, the Oilers a white oil derick and the Chargers a navy blue lighting bolt out lined in gold.

The Original Bills uniform was almost identical to the NFL’s Detroit Lions since owner Ralph Wilson was from Detroit. Lamar Hunt’s (founder of the AFL) Dallas Texans later moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs. The Chargers moved to San Diego after a year in Los Angeles, the Titans later become the New York Jets. The Oakland Raiders were originally the Senors with black and gold as their original colors before changing to the Silver and Black.

The most distinctive uniform belonged to the Denver Broncos with their vertical striped socks. They bought these uniforms from a defunt college bowl game, “the Copper Bowl” that was held in Tucson, AZ and were “ceremoniously” burned in a bonfire 2 years later.

I used Miggle ’67 Bigmen to paint these figures and they are painted in the “Tudor Classic” style of painting which wasn’t always absolutely accurate with  striping details and helmet logos but were close enough to easily identify the teams they represented. I also used Craft paints to paint them and then clear coated them with gloss acrylic enamal which gave them a sort of “antigue” look or “dirty” uniform look. 1960 AFL Teams Display 1I thought it was cool!!! Hope you do too. Enjoy!!!

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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