Fantasty Teams

Creating and painting fantasy teams is one of the many ways people of the ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Community enjoy the game and hobby.

Tudor QB’s for my Fantasy Nolensville Red Foxes

Miggle Toys / Tudor Games London Union Jacks (67 Big Men 67-81-D)

In the Fall 2007 issue of Plugged IN!! Miggle Toys announced the winners of a “Miggle Fantasy Team Contest”. The London Union Jacks and The Munich Moon Sharks became the first Fantasy Teams commercially produced. 

Miggle Toys / Tudor Games Munich Moon Sharks ( 67 Big Men 67-82-D)
Original “Doc Smeby” Union Jacks by Al Dunham. (photo from a post on the “Showcase – Photo Gallery” )

The London Union Jacks created by Al Dunahm and the Munich Moon Sharks created by Glenn Hardaway were also the first teams to have “painted shoes”. (Something I never noticed until I was photographing these teams). According to Al Dunham Both of these teams were created as a “tribute to Doc Smeby from England who was a electric football enthusiast that was our contact for other EFers in Europe. Doc passed away back in 2007, but his memory will live on forever.” 

Al Dunahm is also the creator of the ultimate solitaire electric football league, his Fantasy Western Michigan League of Miniature Football (WMLMF) .  Pics of his teams and a history of this league can be found on the  Tudor Games Forum. 

Solitaire Leagues are probably the most popular format for using fantasy teams since most league or tournaments require the use of current NFL or College teams. The “Playing Solitaire” forum is where you can find the most information regarding these league and how they play the game.   

Dave Haydel’s Union Jack’s using custom decal numbers. (photo from a post on the “Showcase – Photo Gallery” )
Union Jacks with a custom painted “alternate jersey” uniform (photo from a post on the “Showcase – Photo Gallery” )

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