Creating an Electric Football Collectibles Database

Recently I was asked to be a contributor and curator for the website

“Built by collectors for collectors, hobbyDB is the world’s fastest growing collectibles database”

I was asked to do this at the invite of Doug Strohm, owner of Tudor Games. I was more than happy to accept this invitation and see it as another way to help educate more people about the game and hobby of electric football since that is our primary purpose and mission here at The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum. 

However, this is proving to be a rather challenging project since “electric football” as a collectibles subject can fall into many different catagories. 

First of all, the game of electric football doesn’t exactly “fit the mold” for most collectibles. The game itself can be generally classified as a “game”, a “board game”, a ” table-top board game”, a “sports board game” etc., etc. … A more specific classification of electric football would be “a table-top sports game of football played on a vibrating miniature “football field” with 2 teams of “electric football players” that can be set up offensively and defensively to run plays and recreate the real-life game play action of an actual football game”    

Kids and adults playing the game at a recent electric football convention – (photo by Tudor Games)

When it comes to collecting “electric football” there are those who collect the original game sets in a complete condition or near complete condition as is possible or there are those who are only interested in the game boards alone, the teams and figures alone, or other items related to the game.  A recent search on eBay for “electric football” resulted in the following items being offered. 

Here at the museum, we collect just about anything, and everything related to the game of electric football. In addition to the games, figures and other items of “artifacts” we collect print media (newspaper and magazine articles) and other digital media (photo and video) and electric football “art”. If it has anything to do with electric football, we collect it. 

We also like to showcase the collections of others. 

You can find all this and more by visiting the various sections on the main website

Which brings me to another point that I would like to make. It has been brought to my attention before and I am also beginning to realize that there is definitely a need for an “Electric Football Collectors Guide” There have long been books, magazines and “guides” published for other collectibles such as Hot Wheel Cars, Barbie, GI Joe, Model Trains, LEGO and many more too numerous to mention. Basically, if it is collectible, then there has probably been a guide written and published for it.   

So, with that being said, I am formally announcing my intention to start working on an “Electric Football Collectors Guide”. This is going to take a lot of work, but with the knowledge of those individuals of whom I know of to be collectors of electric football, this is a project that can be completed in the very near future.  If you are or do consider yourself to be an experienced and knowledgeable collector of electric football and would be interested in working on this project, then I would certainly appreciate your help. If you would be interested in working on this project, please contact the museum. 

Chris LeMay

Founder and Curator 

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum 

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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