The New TUDOR GAMES 2012

In February 2012 Miggle Toys /Tudor Games was sold to a Seattle based company, Ballpark Classics, owned by Doug Strohm. The new games made by the new Tudor Games introduced a new logo, game board and box graphics.

But the game itself was still being made on the same design as the old Miggle Toys 6070 series game sets. 

Here are the Official Rules and Assembly booklet that came with this game. The cool thing about this rules booklet is that it contains a “Tips from the Pros, Customization, and History Section and a listing of Electric Football Accessories and Tudor Games, Accessories, Hobby Supplies Section. 

The interesting thing about this brochure is the products pictured are still the Miggle Toys / Tudor Games products but with the addition of the Ballpark Classics products. Shipping and receiving is still taking place in South Beloit, IL but the new Corporate Headquarters are located in Snoqualmie, WA.   

It would be another 2 years before they were able to secure NFL Licensing for their new line of games and figures. The New TUDOR GAMES continues to develop new electric football games and products and is striving to add NCAA Licensing to its line of products. 

The new Tudor Games is now in its 10th year of existence and well on its way to continuing this chapter of ELELCTRIC FOOTBALL History and the traditions of the game and hobby.  

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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