The Grasamke Collection

Several times over the past year, I have been asked to assess and evaluate the worth of electric football collections. Most of the time these people are looking to sell these items and occasionally I will make an offer to purchase these collections.

While I prefer to make it a policy of the Museum to depend mainly on donations, sometimes certain things come along that just cannot be passed up. 

The Grasamke  Collection is one such collection.

Grasamke Collection Front Cover

When I was contacted about this collection, the owner informed me that this was the collection of her late husband who had passed away 18 years ago, that she, as an artist, had hand painted the numbers of some of the teams for her husband, that it was a collection that her husband had started in the 1970’s and that it was time to let go of it and give others a chance to enjoy it. 

After several email communications asking for pictures and detailed descriptions, we were able to come up with a fair evaluation and offer to purchase this collection. 

The main thing that interested me about this collection is that it contained some items that I had been looking for, that many of the teams were factory originals and hand painted customs, and that it had some items that were significant to telling the history of electric football. 

It took some time, but I finally came up with this publication to share with the ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Community.

The Grasamke Collection

Hope you enjoy and please leave your thoughts and comments. 

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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