Rules are what govern the game. Electric football is a game that may be played in many ways. Through out the history of the game, there have been devised endless variations and styles of play to better simulate the action of a real football game on the metal gridiron, all in an effort to add to the realism and enjoyment of the game.

1949 Cover Tudor Rule BookFrom the very beginning, with the first “Official Rules for the Tudor TRU-ACTION Electric Football Game”, it was stated the the game was “designed to be played in as near a realistic manner as possible” and players were encouraged to “change or add to the rules as they desire to create increased interest.”

Manufacturers Game Rules and Instructions.

TOC logoEvery Tournament and League has a set of rules to govern the play of games within their respective competitions.

Tournament and League Rules

solitaire-copyPerhaps the largest group of people who play the game, play it in a solitaire format.  These “Solitiare Coaches” have devised the most creative and innovative ways to play the game, many of which have been adapted into league and tournament game play.

Solitaire League Rules

The Official Electric Playing Rules of Football
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