Kansas City Electric Football “Educating the Public”

Board Member Lynn “Weirdwolf” Schmidt and other members of Kansas City Electric Football doing their part to promote the game. 

This past Saturday Kansas City Electric Football went out to Outlaw Cigar South and demonstrated the game to the Outlaw Gang. We heard lots of stories from the crowd about how they had the game as a child BUT it was nothing like what they were seeing in front of them and didn’t perform like this! James brought some 49ers and played Jesse in a Super Bowl matchup. Jesse must have hit 90% of his passes on the day! Chiefs won 54-0! (In truth, we didn’t let the 49ers play any offense) We also got to meet former Chiefs DB, Mark Collins and former RB, Ted R McKnight! Great day and fun to visit with everyone about the game!

Photos courtesy of photographer Jeff Mahaney and Outlaw Cigar.

#electricfootball #kansascity #NFL

Visit the Kansas City Electric Football facebook group page. 

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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