Electric Football Archive

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The Tudor Games Forum. For many years, this was the place to connect with other members of the “Electric Football Community”, to discuss all things about the game and hobby and to get all the latest announcements, specials and updates from Tudor games.

Revisiting this forum, today, brought back so many memories of the game and hobby for me. It is the first place I learned of how much the game had changed and the different ways people were playing it, news about the conventions and the many leagues and tournaments that were available around the country.

But most of all, I learned more about the “Elecric Football Community”, the most unique and diverse group of “chararcters” and “personalites” that come from many social and economic backgrounds but have one thing in common, the same love and passion for the game and hobby that I have.

My idea is to glean as much informaion from this site as possible to save for future generations before this site disappears. Just part of the misson “to preserve the history of the game”

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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