“Full Color Electric Football” could be the official program for an imaginary Electric Football museum/hall of fame.”

Full Color Electric Football Interview With The Knee Jerks!

Full Color Electric FootballWow!!! Can you imagine the excitement I felt when I found this quote this morning.

One of the things i have been doing this week is to doucument the information from this website (fullcolorelectricfootall.com) to include in the NEFGM Media Library. 

I have all the books written so far by Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia. “The Unforgettable Buzz”, “The Unforgettable Buzz” – Designer’s Cut, “Full Color Electric Football” and “The ElectricFootball Wisbook” . The Designer’s Cut edition is also signed by the authors!!!  

Books by Authors Earl Shores, Roddy Garcia and Graphics Designer Michael Kronenberg
Signed by the authors!!!

Although these books are in the permanent collection ot the museum, part of the plan of the Museum is to have copies of these books for sale in a Museum Retail Store.

These are the definitive books on the history of electric football and Tudor Games. I am very proud to have these in the Museum’s Collection.  

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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