“Electric Football Forum” is back

Screen shot of Tudor Games “Electric Football Nation” forum

“Electric Football Nation” is the reurn of the electric football forum by Tudor Games. Re-launched March 20, 2020 it is the continuation of the original Tudor Games forum which can be found here – electricfootballarchive.com

I have already seen posts from old friends that I thought had disappeared from the “Electric Football Community”. Ravenna Al (Al Dunham) and his ever popular solitiare league with teams like the “Battlin’ Bozos of Battle Creek”.Bozos.jpg.7e79bd053d70cf157bc539a8c2165ffe

And “Troutbum” Ray Sugg with his solitiare leagues featuring teams from the European leagues of American Football which can be followed here https://forum.tudorgames.com/topic/67-lpfe/ LPFE1.jpg.99ff76f034edfe26f84368b3bc2bee9f 

Want to see some great figure painting and team displays then check out the “Show Case – Photo Gallery” section. Featured here, the 2019 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs by S. Turner commissions20200305_122112.thumb.jpg.7dcce4eac93611c77427ed1e3c8f62ac

I could go “on and on, but please check it out for yourselves.  

Personally, I look forward to many hours of reading great conversations and saving photos and stories of the many unique and interesting people that make up this segement of the “Electric Football  Community”. 

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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