Building a Museum-Fulfilling a Dream, or Feeding an Obsession?

The Tudor 1949 – 1959 Display, the Tudor 1967 -1972 Display, and the Founders Display

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum is under construction.

For over 20 years I have been collecting game boards, teams and figures; playing competitively as a league and tournament coach; as a solitaire coach and just generally as a hobbyist and enthusiast of the game.

What began as just a child’s game, in 1970, has morphed (since 1997) into a love, a passion-or more accurately-an obsession.   

The first electric football game that I received from “Santa” – Christmas 1969

I have created and sold many custom painted teams.

I have built custom game boards.

I have been an active participant on the all the forums primarily related to the game, a member of the Miniature Football Coaches Association (MFCA), editor and publisher of “Solitaire Illustrated”. Creator of “The Kicking Game” kick placement cards. Winner of the MFCA’s “Lee Payne Award” and so much more, too numerous to list it all.  

Mostly though, this game has allowed me to meet many people and create  friendships that otherwise would not have been possible.

The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum is the beginning of fulfilling a dream that began over 5 years ago through a conversation with fellow collector Rene Smith. Rene collects not only electric football games but just about every electric sports game created by Tudor Games and other manufactures.  Rene is also who I purchased my Joe Namath Day/Night Football game board from.       

Rene Smith with his “rare” Otasco Super Bowl Electric Football game.
Munro Joe Namath Day/Nite Football.

Through our conversation, the question came up that I think a lot of people, especially those that are collectors, often ask themselves. “What is going to happen to my collection when I am gone?” Too often families are left with the daunting task of disposing of their loved one’s obsession. Sure, they can try to sell it, but that takes time and often it just winds up being given away or worse ends up in the landfill. 

The primary purpose of the museum is to preserve the history of the game, but it is also about preserving the memories and collections of the people who have a true love and passion for the game.  That generation is quickly dying out.

Through this museum, it is my intent to create an environment that future generations may visit to learn about the history of the game, to experience playing the game, to share in the artistry of the game and create their own memories of the game.

Right now, the museum is mostly a virtual museum. The displays I have built so far are temporary displays housed in the bonus room of my personal residence (available to visit by appointment); however it is my goal to eventually build a true ‘brick and mortar” museum,  an “ELECTRIC FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE”.              

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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