Recreating the Uniform Histories of Professional Football through Electric Football.

My painting station and work table.

I love painting electric football figures. More so than any other aspect of he hobby. It is what gives me the most satisfaction, relaxation and sense of accomplishment.  

Denver Broncos 1960 -1962 Original vertical striped socks (Brown, Dark Yellow and white)
New York Titans 1961 – 1962 Uniform (Navy Blue, Antique Gold, Pure Gold and White.)

I love the era of the 1960’s, when the NFL faced their most serious competition from the “upstart” American Football League. By the end of the decade, the beginnings of the NFL and professional football as we know it today had emerged with the creation of the Super Bowl and the merger of the AFL and NFL into the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. 

There have been several other attempts to add to the professional football landscape with the ill-fated 1974 – ’75 World Football League (WFL), the spring schedule 1983 – 1985 United States Football League (USFL) which made the mistake of trying to move to the fall in direct competition with the NFL – they were even successful in suing the NFL which was declared a monopoly and won a grand total of $1.00 (tripled to $3.00) in an anti-monopoly lawsuit spear headed by Donald Trump. Yes “that Donald Trump”.      

Home and Away original uniforms of the 1960 American Football League

I especially enjoy recreating the uniforms of the original 1960 American Football league. I usually use Tudor “Fab Five” Haiti Repro and 67 Big Man for my painting projects, but I also occasionally use other figures. I have an ample supply of all types of figures from Gotham, Coleco, Munro, Playtime, and Excalibur. But I also enjoy painting other “unusual” historic uniforms and teams. 


To help raise money for the Museum, I am going to be offering many of the previously custom painted teams and figures from my personal collection for sale. So, please visit the Museum Store often, for these offerings. If you have a special request for a specific painting project please Contact Us.  I will try to accommodate as many of these requests as is reasonably possible.

Funds raised for the Museum are used to pay the annual subscription rate and maintenance of this website, to build displays for the temporary location of the Museum (the bonus room of my personal residence), for the temporary storage of the Museum’s artifacts and collections (an offsite climate controlled storage facility) and annual filing fees for maintaining the 501 (c)(3) non-profit status of the Museum as required by state and federal governmental agencies (the State of Tennessee and the IRS).   

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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