Do we really need an ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum?

While doing a recent search for museums that have electric football games in their collection, I came across these two artifacts in the Tennessee State Museum’s Collection.

The Tennessee State Museum is located in Nashville, the Sate Capital, and only 35 miles north of Spring Hill, TN, the home of The National Electric Football Game Museum. So I made the short trip to visit the Museum just to see if this game was on public display in any of their current exhibits. To my disappointment (but to no surprise) I could not find it on display. There was a display of  toys and games in there exhibit gallery from the time period of 1945 – present, but it featured mainly Davey Crockett toys from the popular 1950’s TV show and other games and toys such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Barbie, and a metal dollhouse. 

There were other various toys and games displayed though out the museum in numerous exhibits but still no electric football game.  

So why is this important? Here are some quotes from the co-curators of an exhibit “Toys From the Attic” that were on display at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum in an article featuring this exhibit. 

“Toys reflect changes in our society and culture, as well as technology, … In the last two hundred years,we have gone from toys that represented horse drawn wagons to automobiles, to rocket ships, and toys that sat on wheels and were pulled with a string to those powered by batteries and micro chips, just as items used in adult society have.”– Kathy Dirks

Here are some other statements that I found very interesting that hopefully will help to explain my purpose for  wanting to build an electric football game museum. 

Why Do Museum’s Collect? 

Museums collect artifacts for the education and enjoyment of the public. Artifacts have there own stories to tell and artifacts provide connections to the past.  

What Do Artifacts Reveal? 

They offer information about the people who made and used them, provide clues about the technologies and techniques used to construct them and suggest what ideas and values were important to people in the past. 

They show how life has changed over time.

They provide real, tangible, connections with history.

The National Electric Football Game Museum was established with the purpose of educating the public about the game and hobby of electric football. We are striving to do this through the preservation and public display of electric football “artifacts”. 

What are Electric Football artifacts?

The artifacts of electric football are game boards, teams, individual figures, magazine and newspaper articles, internet articles, anything and everything that relates to electric football, tells the history of  electric football and features the people who play the game, who have created and developed the innovations and technologies of the game and who participate in the game and hobby in other ways such as collecting and the artists who create the fantastic and amazing miniature football works of art such as stadium displays and individual custom figures. 

Electric Football is much more than just a toy or a game from the past. It is also a sport that is still being played by hundreds if not thousands on a daily basis even after over 70 years of its first introduction into the culture of American society in 1949. 

And that is why we need an ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game museum!!!

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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