Gen Z’er gives his thoughts on attracting his generation to Electric Football

Recently this  post was put up on the MFCA Group Facebook page from a young Generation Z’er:

“Hello everyone, I hope you all have been safe and well! I took a little hiatus in EF due to my time constraints that occurred being a local elected official, living, working and studying in Greece, and being a full time college student whilst having numerous internships and jobs on top of it (currently working 3 internships, 2 jobs, a Presidency and Ambassadorship while also prepping to coach middle school football in the Fall). However, I still love EF and am so grateful to all of you all in the community, the kindness y’all showed and show me is such a positive blessing and I really want to thank y’all and hope you all know that I am truly appreciative for all the support you give a newcomer like me! That being said, I’m starting to play more solitaire and be more active again, and my girlfriend is super interested in the aesthetics of EF and I really think that EF can be loved by the younger generation if advertised correctly in a way that Gen Z’ers can relate too! That being said if you all ever want advice or anything in regards to recruiting younger players to the hobby, please hit me up! I’ll be more than happy to brainstorm with y’all and create a Plan Of Action to ensure that this great hobby and community continues on, love the amazing stuff you all are doing, I check this page at least daily as a way to decompress, shoutout to y’all for real, you impact people positively even if it isn’t noticed by you!” – Ransom Fox

Ransom was also kind enough to share and allow the NEFGM to add a page to the NEFGM Library featuring his Solitaire Electric Football League and game play. Ransom Fox’s Solitaire Electric Football – The National Electric Football Game Museum (

To learn more about Generation Z, I would suggest reading this article on Wikipedia 

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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