Ransom Fox’s Solitaire Electric Football

The following digital files were donated to the National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum by Ransom Fox: Please direct all questions and comments to Ransom directly: rfox20@masonlive.gmu.edu


” When I play solitaire, I want to make my league as realistic as possible, and that comes from my players playing true to their real life counterparts. So, I found a way I personally use that is a little radical and different, but if anyone wants to critique, question, or use, please feel free to let me know! (Disclaimer: This is for solitaire only!!). I have a standard 15 play per quarter, any base touch tackling system that is the general backbone of any league, which can be seen in the “EF Solo Rules” file below. What separates each player and team are the SPECIAL RULES that are given to players that make them unique and define who they are.”

“All of my teams are the best players since I was born to now, 2000 – 2020 (same with coaches and stadiums). A yellow highlight means I may or may not switch the player out for a yellow tab below as it is close to decide who  I should get, not all rosters are finalized but here is a glimpse of what I have. Rosters are based on real positions and PFR Approx Value in addition to other lists and eye tests,  I may make some changes as buying Trent Williams and Brandon Scherreff for Washington but that’s it for the 3 teams I have.” 





In-game files for my current game I am almost done with now, Week 1 SNF DAL @ WSH … I have special rules tracking sheet for both teams on all phases of the ball to make the game go quickly, and a game tracking sheet to track plays, timeouts, score, special rules, injuries etc …

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