EF Artist profile: Kyle Nutt

Kyle Nutt is an up-and-coming Electric Football artist who has been around the game and hobby for most of his life. His father is Bryan Nutt, known to most in the Electric Football Community as Beenutt. 

“My dad and I rediscovered electric football after one Christmas morning. We started getting involved in the hobby. Going to tournaments and Miggle conventions. Beenutt (my dad Bryan Nutt) started selling decals and panting teams along with tweaking bases. We are a partnership. I detail the figures and my dad makes the decals. I absolutely love painting teams. “

Phone number. 864 357 2189
My name is Kyle

Below are some examples of Kyles’s work. 

Found this awesome picture and comment posted by Bryan on the occasion of Kyle’s 27th Birthday.

Bryan Nutt
February 12, 2020

“This is my most prized possession in my football room! My son Kyle made this for me when he was a young boy. Kyle painted a figure of each college team and gave this to me as a gift a long time ago. Now he’s a grown man – 27 years old. I’m proud of the man you have become, and I love you very much. Happy birthday Kyle!”

College teams painted by Kyle as a young boy and presented to his dad Bryan (Beenutt) Photo by Bryan Nutt

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Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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