What’s it worth??

I often get asked what something is worth. Recently a visitor to the website saw a photo of an early Tudor Model 500 produced in the 50’s and sent me the following pictures of his first electric football game and related the following story through a series of text messages.

Lance Stoudenmire of Twinsburg, OH is the owner of this Tudor Model 500 from the period of 1955 – 1959. Lance, now 71 years of age, stated he played with this board when he was 10 years old. which would place it in the period of 1960 – 1961. 

Lance grew up in Cleveland. He stated “That’s Jim Brown & Bobby Mitchell in the back field for the Cleveland Browns” 

“Growing up in Cleveland, I lived one block away from where Bobby Mitchell lived. Jim Brown lived about a half mile away. When Jim was not playing football, his other game was throwing women out of windows. Bobby Mitchell was traded to the Washington Redskins and Browns picked up Ernie Green. He lived 5 houses down the street from my family. I used to play with his son. The Glory days for the Cleveland Browns.”

“I taped the linemen together so they wouldn’t fall over so fast. Better blockers for the running backs. The switch had to be repaired a number of times. To run plays, plug in, pull plug out. My dad had to take it to work a number of times to weld / solder the switch” 

That’s what’s the best thing about being the curator of this museum. Just through a simple question like “What is this worth?”, I get to have conversations with people like Lance about their memories and hear awesome stories of their childhoods all inspired by a simple kid’s game invented over seventy years ago.  

So… What’s it worth?

Monetarily, these games from the late 50’s are only worth about $25 to $50, depending on condition. They are not that rare. Millions were sold. The game boards make great “tweaking” boards but as for the rest of it (the players and accessories) not much value except maybe to a collector. 

For the memories that this particular game inspired for one person … 60 years later? … PRICELESS!!    


Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

2 thoughts on “What’s it worth??”

  1. I still use these figures in certain situations. The down lineman get skinny in the hole for quick tackle. The upright figure can stiff arm most figures without the base touching for extra yards. Pick out the quickest figured for quick out patterns. Though they are lighter some of them match strength against the newer figures.


    1. If I may add. Some figures do not have the clear cleets so I cut one invisaline strong base in half and that was enough for two figures. I used two invasiline speed cleats and glued them to another figure. You have to cut off the lips that hold the normal figure and shorten the length so it fits the tru-action figure. It does not work. Better but now the figure does not fall down so easily. Just thought I would share


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