The Campbell Electric Football League

The Campbell Electric Football League is a Solitaire Electric Football League owned by Aaron Campbell. it is a league with a current team membership of 50 teams. “A league with nearly fifty years of history to it. Old school Electric Football meets new school methods. Mix in some imagination and you have the Campbell Electric Football League. Check out the album section for league history and team breakdowns.”

“Welcome, my father started an electric football solitaire league in the early seventies. This is an extension of that original league. My own little NFL. Each team has their own on the field (and off) identity and each has helped shape the league’s history. I started this page to share it and I have an idea. I will display my new season week to week through the Campbell Cup. Season will start in a couple weeks, and we can all see how it goes.” – Aaron Campbell, April 7, 2020

“Season 38 ready to go. I’ll be doing my usual season simulations (each team does a number of runs and each team’s score is averaged into a win/loss record) this season instead of playing every game. I like this system because winning teams must run consistently to make the playoffs and then perform in game in the playoffs to win a title. Long to short: regular season results will be coming rather quickly.

So the season has come and gone. When I started this I intended to do a post like this whether I continue displaying seasons (I will) or just did this one time. This is a hobby that demands a lot of help, brotherhood and mentor-ship and I feel it necessary to thanks a few people who especially helped me and this league that has really become it’s own living thing in many ways.

1.) I need to thank a good man and friend, Pastor Paul. This guy has helped me with decaling, painting and is the source of most of my wonderful fields. He also taught me that a man of God can be a Raider fan,…. who knew??? Paul has been super patient with me as I can be a somewhat needy customer as I am sure he can attest. I wish I could say I will stop bugging you Paul, but I won’t lie to you…. Thanks for all your help in making this league what it is.
2.) Okay,… Before Paul could help take my family league to where it is today I had to graduate from untweaked, poorly played bases and game designs. For that I have to thank Moe Robertson , The Electric Coach. Now I’ve only discussed EF with Moe directly a couple of times over the years and we’ve never met in person so I’m sure Moe is reading this saying, “Huh?”… Moe, your YouTube channel changed everything for my father and I. To this day if I have a EF question I search your channel for it first and foremost and more often than not the answer is right there. With your online tutoring this league went from the old school scrums you discuss in your intro videos to what I consider to be a A+ solitaire league worth sharing. Keep on doing what you do Kind Sir, know that it really helps the hobby, and thank you.
3.) I have to thank the winner of my pick em giveaway, who came 7 points away from nailing BOTH Campbell Cup teams (he even beat my wife and I and we know these teams well!!) Michael Piz , congratulations, Those Swamp Dragons and Jackrabbits served you well. He has picked the Dolphins as the Tudor classic team he will receive as well as a horde of new bases to play with. Thanks for taking part.
4.) Obviously, I have to thank my father. His love of this hobby lasted his entire life and only near the very end did he even learn about tweaking and putty and decaling and such. He thought he was this lone guy still hanging on to what he thought was a pretty cool board game from his childhood,… he customized goal posts, kickers, found non tweak ways to correct bases (didn’t work as well but better than nothing), customized teams and he built the first iteration of this league back in the early 1970s. Below is a picture of us playing at my Grandparents house sometime in the early 1980s (Christmas of 82 is I had to guess). Whenever I play I feel my father, Joe. Thanks dad for being a wonderful man and for sharing the love of this wonderful hobby,… and with that, it’s on to the 37th edition of the Joseph S Campbell Memorial Cup… LET’S GO! – August 29, 2020

The Campbell Cup Trophy

Download this comprehensive historical data document. 

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