Big Board Construction


There have been many inquiries lately about building or buying “scale” game boards. The true scale of most miniature electric football figures is 1:72 scale or 1″ = 72″, this makes the true scale of the playing field 1/2″ = 1 yd or 60″ x 26 2/3 ” from endline to endline and sideline to sideline. To allow for sidelines the actual finished size would be larger. Continue reading “Big Board Construction”

Electric Football’s “true value”

Mention “electric football” and, for many, it conjours up images and memories of “that game that made alot of noise and the players just ran around in circles”. After a few minutes of playing the game, frustration and disappointment would set in and the game was shoved under the bed or thrown in the closet to be forgotten. Continue reading “Electric Football’s “true value””