Realization of a 20 year Dream

Article by Chris LeMay -Founder and Curator of The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum. – December 20, 2020

Members of the Music City EFL, from left to right, Bottom Row: Keith Powell and Eddie Cousins. Second Row: Vince Stone, Brian Fox, and Tago Jones. Third Row: AK (Anthony ) Fox and Chris LeMay. Top Row: Brian Watson and Phillip Ryan.

Finally, yesterday, December 19,2020, the final realization of a dream that began with this announcement in the 1999 Spring Issue of Plugged In!! was made.

Screenshot 2020-12-20 063729

Brian Fox, who at that time was residing in Nashville, TN, contacted Chris and they arranged to meet at  Chris’s apartment in Columbia. 

“I had just come back from attending the 1999 Miggle 4th Annual Official
International Electric Football Convention at the Holiday Inn City Line Hotel in Philadelphia in January when Brian contacted me and we agreed that he would come to my place and we could meet and play some electric football. ” 

That first meeting lead to many more over the next 20 years in various locations of Nashville, Antioch, and Spring Hill, in Tennessee and Bowling Green, Glascow, and Oakland, in KY.  

“Sometime after that initial meeting, I created the first league logo and set about formally  organizing the Music City EFL.  In the early years, we were joined by Gary “Tomcat” Tomko of Glascow, Ky and Robbie Watt of Oakland , KY and it was us four that formed the nucleus of the league. Brian and Tomkat  later branched off to form the Bluegrass EFL since they both now lived in KY. “


First use of the original Music City EFL logo and a Welcome Letter from “Commisioner, Chris LeMay”

Somehow, over the next 20 years, after multiple job changes, marital status changes and re-locations to different primary residences, cities and towns, Brian and I managed to stay in touch and with the ever increasing popularity in the rise of local, regional and national electric football convention and tournament events we were able to connect with more people from our surrounding geographical areas and also through the use of the internet and social media with its many electric football related chat rooms, forums and Facebook group pages, connect and reconnect with even more people on a local, regional, and national level, who other wise would not even know of the existence of the Music City EFL. 

One such connection that I was able to make was, while attending another Miggle Electric Football Convention and Super Bowl Tournament being held at the, then location, of the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend , IN near the campus of the University of Notre Dame, I was very surprised to run into and reconnect with a childhood friend and school mate AK (Anthony) Fox.  You can read about it in the full Fall 2003 Issue of Plugged IN!! or just read it here.    

Article from the Fall 2003 Issue of Plugged IN!!

A few years ago, Brian and AK (no relation) began meeting and playing electric football and playing together in the Ohio Valley MFL . It was through this league and other tournament events that Brian and AK were able to connect with the other league members and re-ignite the Music City EFL. 

And with my recent retirement from my working career, I now have the time and have made the commitment to playing in a full season schedule and tournament event of this fulfillment of my dream conceived and created over 20 years ago.  

So thanks to all the Charter members of this, the “Music City EFL” and the completion of its 2020 Inaugural Season. 

Congratulations Vince Stone (2020 Season Champion) and Eddie Cousins (2020 Tournament Champion)  

Music City EFL 2020 Season-end Tournament Champion.

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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