The 71 Vibe

Dick Butkus – Chicago Bears MLB lined up to stop the Detroit Lions

The 71 Vibe is a Facebook Group “created as a forum  to share photos, ideas and documents related to the game of NFL Electric Football as created by Tudor Games in the early-late 1970s. It was created by Bill Moreno. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet Bill and talk some electric football. Bill was in Nashville, TN attending “Nashcon 2021”  an annual event of the HMGS-Midsouth.

“HMGS-MidSouth is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Tennessee serving members primarily South of the Mason-Dixon Line and East of the Mississippi River. We encourage the study of military history and conflict simulation, and believe a lot can be learned by adding fun into the learning of history. HMGS Mid-South is an accredited region of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, one of ten such regions currently recognized by the National Board of Directors. “ – from the website

I have often found that people who are electric football enthusiasts are also in involved in other hobbies as well. Such is the case with Bill. He is also the owner of Good Ground Miniatures.  

But back to the main purpose of this post…

The 71 Vibe is Bill’s Facebook home where he post updates to his solitaire electric football league. It is the recreation of the NFL’s 1971 season that Bill started back in 1971 with his friend Mickey Bates.   

Redskins faceoff against the Packers in “The 71 Vibe”

Below is an article written for Crackin Plastic – The Electric Football Magazine that you can download. There are many other files that can be downloaded by visiting “The ’71 Vibe”  Facebook page.    

I plan on creating a page here on the NEFGM Website soon and will be adding most of the files that are available to the NEFGM Library and Archives. Thanks to Bill for giving us permission to do. so.

These are the kind of things that keep the game and hobby of ELECTRIC FOOTBALL alive. And the main reason this website exists.  

Author: nefgm6

Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

One thought on “The 71 Vibe”

  1. Thanks Chris, I enjoy the NEFGM page as well. Ours is a small hobby spread out over a large geographic area which makes it especially fun to meet one of our small circle face to face. It was a pleasure to speak with you this past weekend.


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