Tudor Sports Classic 600

Here’s a re-print of a recent Facebook post from long time EF Collector and Coach John DiCarlo.

Picked up this Tudor 600 sports classic on EBAY. It’s close to 60 years old and although not in perfect condition it’s still pretty nice and has all the parts. The rule book is not all that great but readable. It has a really nice metal scoreboard which there is no way you would see today and it even has some footballs with it. The motor still runs and unlike many of these fields ( which are not metal but fiberboard ) it is not warped with age. The game sold for less than 12 dollars and bang for the buck was a really nice game. It did have however ( besides warping ) have other design problems and material problems. The players had pegs on the bottom of their feet that snapped into the 6 holes on the bases which in theory was a cool concept because you could change the angle of the player depending on which hole you put the players foot pegs into. The problem was the plastic they used was very brittle and if you tried to remove a player from the base the pegs would break off (get out the glue ). The brittle plastic was also a problem with the Quarterbacks, the passing arms would break off. This one is cool because none of the players have been put on the bases and the QB arms are not broken. The 600 classic games of course were noisy but the players ran pretty good considering there was no one tweaking bases back then. It’s my favorite Tudor game…actually the name fits – 600 classic

The Museum has several of these gameboards in our collection. 

Tudor Sports Classic #600

Thanks to John for his excellent review of this classic game set. 

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Founder and Curator - The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum

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