The 71 Vibe

Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs in action at “The 71 Vibe”

“The 71 Vibe” is electric football gamer and hobbyist, Bill Moreno’s Facebook group page “created … as a forum to share photos, ideas and documents related to the game of NFL Electric Football as created by Tudor Games in the early-late 1970s. It is a private group, so only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. As of this writing (8/26/2021) there are 324 members. 

I recently met Bill at an Historical Miniatures Gaming Society Convention  held in Nashville, TN. The NEFGM is just 35 miles south of downtown Nashville so it was a good opportunity to meet and talk with Bill about his interest in electric football and to get his personal “Electric Football History”  

The best way to experience all that is “The 71 Vibe” is to visit the Facebook page and ask to join the group. However, for the convenience of our visitors and followers, Bill has granted the NEFGM permission to include a lot of the information found on that page to be included in the NEFGM’s Library and Archives. 

Here are some documents that we have put together that may be downloaded. 

Power Point Presentations by Bill Moreneo

Excel Files from “The 71 Vibe”  

Below is a pdf file of a project that is part of the NEFGM Library and Archives Prreservation Projects

Bill often uses his artistic talents and  skills to stage some of the most iconic moments in the history of the NFL. Here is just a sampling of his historical NFL scenes. (All photos by Bill Moreno) 

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